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Managing a soccer competition has never been smoother.

From team registrations to fixture scheduling, Squadi automates tedious tasks, leaving you with more time to focus on the game.

Schedule matches & more!

Unlock the power of the Squadi Algorithm to seamlessly accommodate venue, time, and team preferences. With our scheduling feature, you can explore various viewing options tailored to your needs, including sub-venues for added flexibility. Clubs gain the ability to schedule matches at their preferred time and field, while our user-friendly re-grading process ensures simplicity in adapting schedules. Plus, replicate competitions effortlessly year after year, streamlining your management process for ultimate efficiency. Experience the future of sports scheduling with Squadi Algorithm.

Squadi Competition Management

A.I makes
grading easy!

We employ AI technology to help make our systems more intuitive and easy to use. From helping player and team grading to simple and easy fixture establishment and management, Competition management is now much more educated and easier to use.

Easy Fixture Management

Drag and drop functionality allows you to easily accommodate for changes to fields schedules and more, updating draws instantly making the entire process seamless..

We will be your Partner

We don't believe in the word ‘client’ - we believe in the word ‘partner’. For both organisations to be successful we need to work together to help you realise your vision and achieve your goals.