Your Partner for Success

Established in 2019, Squadi is a proudly Australian-owned organisation. In March of the same year, we ventured into team sports with the launch of our Game Day App, Live Scores. Since then, we've diligently crafted the world's foremost comprehensive soccer management platform.

We are a bunch of sporty tech nerds, with large scale commercial experience, whose passion is to make, managing, and running soccer competitions easy- easy for administrators, competitors, and ‘real-time’ for spectators. We believe we achieve this goal through the customisation of each and every solution to the individual organisations requirements

We utilise a combination of Australia-based and offshore resources to deliver the best technology solutions, at an affordable price, in the quickest time period. Because of this, we are developing 24 hours a day, 6 days a week (7 days a week in peak development times). 

We are growing rapidly and are always looking for talented people to join our team. Contact us if you are interested.

We reach for the skies in everything we do and we make sure we have a lot of fun whilst we are doing it.

We don’t believe in the words “clients” – we believe in the word “partners”. For both of us to be successful we need to work together to help you realise your vision and achieve your goals.

Our experienced team understands how to build stable, and  highly available platforms. Utilising technologies that are:


Feel like you've used it for years, even on day one. Intuitive design that feels like second nature.

Built on the cloud

Scale your team requirements without worry. Our cloud-based system adapts to your needs.


Each feature designed for maximum impact. Get the tools you need, without the extras you don't.

Mobile first

Our mobile-first design puts your toolkit in the palm of your hand, always ready for action.

We will be your Partner

We don't believe in the word ‘client’ - we believe in the word ‘partner’. For both organisations to be successful we need to work together to help you realise your vision and achieve your goals.